Natural Skin Tag Removal – Why It Is The Best Option

With medical costs at an all time high and economy pinching our pennies, the days of running to the doctor for every little problem is over. Most medical funds have made sweeping changes to their policies to try and cut costs. If you are suffering with skin tags then you probably know that the majority of medical aids don’t cover skin tag removal because it is considered “cosmetic”.

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Traditional skin tag removal can be very expensive depending on how severe your problem is. The traditional method of cutting out skin tags is a very time consuming medical procedure and the worse part is that it can leave you with hundreds of small scars. To make matters even worse, it usually comes back – sometimes as soon as a couple of weeks.

Most doctors these days will just “burn” off the skin tags with a procedure known as Electro Desiccation which is a far more efficient method to remove skin tags. Unfortunately this can also be very expensive and tends to leave scars. If it’s not burned off all the way down to the root it will grow back.

With surgical procedure so inefficient at removing skin tags permanently a lot of over-the-counter products became available. While some caused serious scarring others actually worked quite well. These products range from Cryotherapy (freezing it off – which many doctors now perform) to creams and pills and even tying the stalks.

All the different means and methods to remove skin tags are effective to an extent. Some are painful, some leave scars and most of them does not get rid of skin tags permanently. The stalks or peduncle can reach quite deep and unless this is removed the tag tends to grow back.

Natural skin tag removal has been the most successful to date simply because it offers a permanent solution. Unlike burning or freezing it leaves no scars which is probably one of the main benefits.

The best thing about natural skin tag removal is that you don’t need expensive surgery or expensive prescription drugs to do it. Removing skin tags naturally is all about attacking the root of the problem. Where traditional surgeries and topical treatments tried to remove the tags from the surface, natural removal focuses on the “inside” to remove the actual cause of the problem.

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