How To Remove Skin Tags Yourself

Are those skin tags starting to bother you? Don’t fret. You can remove skin tags yourself but you have to be careful not to cause infections especially if you are planning to just cut out those skin growths one by one. You will need disinfected scissors or nail clippers. Keep in mind that whatever tool you use, it should be disinfected first. You also have to prepare some type of peroxide that you will apply after you cut off that extra skin. This is so you’ll stop the bleeding. Don’t forget to apply some pressure as well. The problem with this particular method of skin tag removal is when you have skin tags that are pretty difficult to reach.

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For those hard-to-reach skin tags, you can ask someone in your family or a close friend to tie either a dental floss or a sewing thread around the bases of those tumors. You are doing this to cut off the supply of blood to the tissues found in those tags of skin. Without blood, the tissues and cells will become dead. In no time, those skin tags will start falling off. Aside from sewing thread and dental floss, you can also make use of a fishing line. It’s also possible that you won’t notice that these excess skins have already disappeared.

You can also remove skin tags yourself with the use of tea tree oil or nail polish. With tea tree oil, not only that the skin tags will be removed, the surrounding skin wherein those tumors have protruded stays the same or won’t get irritated. What you need to do is get a clean cotton ball, soak it in water, and then you should put some drops of pure tea tree oil on that cotton ball. Gently rub that against those skin tags of yours. Another common stuff at home that you can utilize to get rid of those skin growths is nail polish. Use that to cover the excess skin and do that 2-3 times a day for a bout two weeks. Eventually, the skin tags will fall off.

Other tips on how to remove skin tags yourself include the use of duct tape. What you have to do here is to place a duct tape on those skin tumors and leaving it there just like that. The duct tape will stimulate your skin to push that acrochordon out. When the duct tape falls off, the skin tags will be removed as well. If it doesn’t happen yet, just replace the duct tape until those benign tumors finally fall off. A similar method is using band-aid and Vitamin E. Band-aid will be responsible in cutting off the supply of blood to the skin tags while Vitamin E will take care of the surrounding skin.

Do you want to know other ways to remove skin tags yourself? How about those herbal extracts, acid solutions and oil products? You can make use of those things as well. Perhaps you have heard about Dermisil, Castor Oil and Compound W. Find other skin tag removal solutions online or through print media.

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