Skin Tag Removal Freezing

Skin tag removal – Freezing (Cryotherapy). I’ve discussed different methods to get rid of skin tags in previous articles and the one method that always comes up is that of freezing of the skin tag. This is a relatively new method and was a vast improvement on the common practice of cutting out skin tags. The scarring that comes with the removal is a big considerations because if you have tags on your face or on other very visible areas then the scars can be a major issue.

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Unlike incision, the process of freezing the tags is non-invasive which means it greatly reduces or even eliminates the risk of permanent damage to the skin. In an ideal world you would say that the freezing leaves no scars but this is rarely the case. It does however offer a much better solution.

So what is Cryotheraphy and how does it work? As the word implies Cryo means to freeze and we’ve all seen movies where bodies are preserved in cryo chambers. Freezing off skin growths uses a chemical that is commonly known as liquid nitrogen which is a form of nitrogen that remains a liquid at very high low temperatures. Unlike water it does not freeze and become a solid. It remains a liquid and this opens up a whole range of uses. In the medical world, liquid nitrogen is used to freeze of skin growth by applying it under very controlled conditions on to certain parts of the body.

Because the liquid nitrogen is at such a low temperature it kills all living tissue upon contact. The application then is to apply it directly on skin tags and have it “die” on contact. Needless to say, it needs to be used very cautiously since contact with healthy skin will have the same effect. In some ways it works similar to having skin growth burned off by laser but the difference is that freezing tends to leave a lot less scarring.

So, how can you remove skin tags by freezing them off? The great news is that there are home kits that can be bought over the counter. These kits look like small aerosol cans and contain a modified version of liquid nitrogen that is much safer. It also comes with an applicator that is a long nozzle with a soft tip that allows you to target small skin tags very accurately. This allows you to apply small amounts very precisely and in the process only target the skin tags and not the healthy skin around it.

These home kits can be effective but needs to be used with a lot of caution. You need to follow the instructions very closely and never exceed the recommended dosage. Your doctor can also apply liquid nitrogen and you are likely to get much better results since they will use a much more effective product. If you have the option, ask your doctor to do this for you as you will almost always get much better results.

So what are the downsides? What it can do to healthy skin is the biggest danger since it can kill healthy skin just like it can the skin tag. Skin tags tend to have a very small stalk that connects it to the skin which means that it can be hard to target. Although scarring will be minimal it can cause discoloration of skin around the area that you target.

The results also vary quite a lot. Some people have great success with it while other don’t. To successfully remove a skin tag you have to remove the stalk as well and often times the freezing process only kills the part above the surface of the skin. It may only provide a temporary solution as the tags can grow back if the root wasn’t killed as well.

All things being said, skin tag removal freezing is definitely a viable option. Its relatively inexpensive and the fact that it leaves little scarring means that you can use it on large areas as well as very visible areas like the neck, shoulders and even the face.

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